Mark Udis and Kara Boccella Featured as Banking & Finance Visionaries by the Los Angeles Times

March 2024 – Certuity Partners Mark Udis and Kara Boccella, have been recognized by the LA Times as Banking & Finance Visionaries. This is Mr. Udis’ third consecutive year being featured and Ms. Boccella’s second consecutive year. 

Ms. Boccella has advised legal professionals, executives, entrepreneurs and high net-worth individuals and families throughout her 30-year career. Mr. Udis focuses on high and ultra high net worth families and is actively involved in the firm’s family office practice. 

“We’re excited to congratulate Ms. Boccella and Mr. Udis for their well-earned recognition by the LA Times,” announced Rich Bursek, President and Partner of Certuity. “Their dedication to excellence and their contributions to their field have garnered this recognition.”

Certuity is a boutique wealth management and multifamily office firm that provides a holistic approach to wealth management, legacy planning and family office services. The firm has offices throughout the country, including New York City, North Palm Beach, San Francisco, Miami, Santa Monica and Manhattan Beach. 

In the complex world of banking and finance, the right commercial banker or a trusted advisor is an invaluable asset. More than providing services and advice, these individuals – and the institutions they represent – can genuinely prepare your organization for the next level of growth and beyond.

Here we present a select group of visionaries for 2024, each an expert who has demonstrated continued successes and achieved numerous accomplishments in the last 24 months – whether that’s implementing an infusion of cash, serving as a steward to the CFO or finding the best ways to invest. In addition to shedding light on the right fiscal path, many also serve as pillars in their communities. 

The recognition was issued March 24, 2024 and applies March 2024 through March 2025.